In line with global innovations in renewable energy, SICA set out to participate in a committed way in the construction of new ecologically sustainable energy matrices.

Under this vision, and based on the company’s core competencies, the first steps of the “Wind Energy” business unit were outlined, which builds and supplies structural towers for wind turbines, according to the client’s designs and specifications.

In 2017 and after years of searching for a strategic partner that could provide complementary know-how, Sica signs a joint venture with the Haizea Wind Group, to build a plant in Argentina to manufacture towers.

That vision could finally materialize in less than 8 months, with a model plant with a surface area of ​​14,000m2, with an additional 25,000m2 available for storage, “World Class” classification, which implies having complied with all current international standards. Our plant is currently prepared to build 450 sections per year.

Tipos de Torres

3 y 5 tramos


hasta 120 mt


hasta hasta 5.500 mm

The manufacture of wind towers shares the main production processes with the other business units of SICA (cutting, rolling, welding, tracing, etc.), achieving a high level of synergistic complementation.

The highest quality standards have been implemented with special attention to the most critical operations, such as control of flatness, parallelism and concentricity in the tower sections, strict component manufacturing tolerances, automatic welding, surface preparation and final finishing of painting, among others. This quality system ensures a finished product capable of satisfying the highest requirements and expectations of customers who are looking for a reliable partner for the construction and supply of their structural towers for wind turbines.