The LPG AND INDUSTRIAL GASES Business Unit directs its resources to the design and manufacture of tanks for the storage and transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in bulk, as well as for other types of applications such as CO2, NH3, Cl, among others.

This division of SICA’s mission is to mainly provide production, distribution and logistics companies with customized solutions complying with the highest quality and safety standards, through the different international certifications that the company has. SICA’s Engineering Department projects and designs equipment, according to each need, from 0.5m3 capacity and up to more than 600m3 depending on the application, covering the entire spectrum for both fixed and mobile, horizontal or vertical, aerial or underground tanks, of low, medium or high pressure

The alternative technical standards used in construction are the ASME Code, DOT, ADR, EN 13445 and the AD Merkblatt.

transport tanks