transport tanks

Self-supporting and truck-mounted tanks for the transport and distribution of LPG, optimized for maximum load capacity, according to current transport regulations and the density of the transported product (propane / butane ratio).

Based on the experience acquired in the markets in which it operates, SICA offers a line of transport tanks and bulk carriers specially developed according to its needs, with different alternative models in capacities, accessories, axle configuration and other equipment.

On the other hand, if a particular technical specification is required for a certain project, customized models are designed and produced combining the necessary characteristics: running gear with one, two or three axles with pneumatic, mechanical or combined suspension, steering axles, lifting mechanism on axle, ABS/EBS brake systems, electronic lights, etc. There are also multiple solutions in LPG dispatch systems (pumping and product measurement).

Pressure vessels are designed and built in accordance with ASME or Euronorm codes. Additionally, each semi-trailer must meet the requirements established in the applicable transport technical standard, DOT or ADR, and in national traffic regulations.