Storage tanks

SICA has extensive experience in the manufacture of pressurized gas storage containers, both serial production and customized projects.

The standard line of large capacity storage tanks includes vessels from 25 m3 to 650 m3. SICA also flexibly designs and builds custom tanks to customer specifications.

The alternative technical standards used in manufacturing are the ASME Code, EN 13445 and the AD Merkblatt.
The line of smaller series tanks ranges from 0.5 m3 to 10 m3 of capacity for bulk LPG storage in industrial and residential applications.

The tanks are offered for three installation modes: horizontal aerial, vertical aerial and underground.
The connections and accessories scheme of each model is adaptable to the particular requirements of each project.
The standard technical standards used are the ASME Code and the AD Merkblatt. At the request of the client, they are designed and manufactured under alternative technical standards such as BS PD 5500, EN 13445 or DOT.